A good knife manufacturer has done many stabilizations while producing.
Hence, it’s not necessary for extra dry maintenance or storage.

However, keep the knife dry to prevent it from rusting is important.
After washing and drying your knife, don’t forget to spray some neutral oil on the blade, it can keep the moisture away.

Ensure the oil stains on the knife has been cleaned up with soap, then use WD-40 as a rust remover to prevent rust.

The best way to store the fixed blade knife and a sheath is separately after being left unused for a long period. This can prevent the tannic acid and moisture from accelerating the oxidation process.

What about OTF automatic knives? switchblade, which has a complicated structure and an eye-catching appearance and function. On the other hand, the maintenance is also a bit tricky.
With the advancement of technologies nowadays, it has reduced the procedures of maintenance, but here are a few tips to pay attention to while the daily usage:

1. DO NOT maintain your knife frequently.

For OTF, due to the tolerance of the groove being small, excessive lubricating and maintenance is the main reason for the malfunction when the blade pops-out.

And here comes the question, how to maintain your knife correctly?
Use a small amount of oil on the joints and groove, and make sure you wipe the excess oil off the blade.

2. Pay attention to the pivot on the handle.

As the handle is made of aluminum alloy and the pivot is made of steel, the pivot may get stripped after the vibration. OTF and Double Action OTF has a grand reaction force when spring out and drawback in makes the pivot which holds the scales onto the handle lose easily.

3. Choose the anti-rust oil wisely.

Based on my personal experience, lubricating oil containing Teflon is suitable for OTF.

4. Keep it clean.

An air compressor can be used to blow out the dust hidden inside the joints and grooves.

5. DO NOT try to repair it by yourself rashly.

The two most common failure problems of OTF are the breakage of springs and the L-shape hooks detached. It can barely find a replacement for these parts on the market, and the warranty may be invalid once the knife has been disassembled by yourself.

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