Knives are the earliest tools invented by mankind, and even now there are many different types for different uses. We all want one knife that can be handled for all situations is called One Tool Option. The technique requires“hardware” equipment with “software” skills. As a user, you need to improve your skills, while as a designer, you need to focus on the design of the hardware.

Bushcraft Knife:

Bushcraft Knife has become the mainstream of the current knife market since 2000. Bushcraft knives are different from Survival knives. If survival is a short-term state of existence, then Bushcraft is a long-term way of life. People use simple tools, and rich knowledge, and skills around them to solve all the things in life. The knife for this the purpose is called a bushcraft knife.

Bushcraft can be traced back to Australia's Les Hiddins (The Bush Trucker Man) in 1988 and Britain's Ray Mears promoted the concept of Bushcraft on the BBC TV show in 1994. Mors Kochanski is also an important figure in knife history. Ray Mears and Mors Kochanski have showed puukko in the show for a long time, so puukko is just like bushcraft knife for people. Puukko is a traditional Finnish portable straight knife. The length of the knife is the width of the user's palm (3~4"). It has a vertical back design and only has one grinding on one surface of the blade which is unlike the common knives that have two grinding on the surfaces. This blade is very sharp and suitable for cutting wood. The knife will not include Ricasso for not affecting the strength when users exert force on it. Puukko is used and loved by a large number of bushcraters, so there are more and more manufacturers invested a lot of development to improve it.

Bushcraft knife Should Include:

  1. The length of the blade is below 5” and its thickness of it is 3/16”. If the length of the Bushcraft’s blade is long, it will influence the work of cutting wood. The thickness of 3/16” blade is thick enough to split the wood.
  2. Full Tang Design:Although the traditional puukko does not have a full tang, lots of knives now have a full tang design. The 90-degree angle on the back of the knife can not only be used to scrape the lighter to start a fire but also can be used to scrape branches to make tinder, etc.
  3. Scandi-Grind:Modern people want a knife to do everything, so some puukko will have a Scandi-Grind with a micro-bevel to increase its strength.
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